Private Lessons

Customized in-home training, polite manners, dog preparation for new baby, dog and baby/child dynamics, off-leash control, problem behaviors, advanced skills, trick dog training, new puppy consultations. 

  • Includes personalized training plan, follow-up phone calls/emails

  • Discount for purchase of three sessions

  • Discounts offered for 501c3 rescue groups and newly adopted rescue dogs

Packages available:

  • Fear Free Handling and Vet Visits

    • This series of customized sessions helps your dog or cat become accustomed to routine grooming and veterinary procedures. If positive training methods can be used to teach hyenas and tigers to allow blood sampling and tooth brushing without restraint, they can also be used to make routine procedures less stressful for your pet.

    • For dogs and cats that are uncomfortable being handled (nail trims, baths, brushing, routine veterinary procedures)

    • For young puppies and kittens - to help them learn that grooming and vet visits can be fun

New and Expecting Parents

Comprehensive, customized plans to help you and your dog adjust to life with children.  Includes helping your dog adjust to the sites and sounds of a new baby, arranging the home environment for success, teaching your dog essential skills that make life easier for the whole family, discovering activities that help promote a safe bond between your dog and child.

Packages available:

  • Great Expectations

    • Focus on preparing with your dog before the arrival of your child

    • Special discount if three or more sessions are completed before your baby arrives

  • Successful Transitions

    • Provides support and training throughout transitional periods that can provide particular challenges for your dog

      • Homecoming

      • Crawling

      • Walking

      • Gaining independence

    • Building trust and a healthy relationship between your child and your dog

  • Grandparents

    • Grandparents are always welcome to attend parent training sessions free of charge

    • We also offer a special package for grandparents and their dogs. Information covered includes building a safe, healthy relationship when the dog does not live with the child, and creating a plan for stress-free babysitting and visits in the grandparents and/or parents home

    • Special discount if purchased along with one of our other packages


Group Classes

Small group classes occasionally offered at Horseshoe Lake Animal Hospital in Collinsville, IL

Educational Presentations

  • Preparing with your dog for the arrival of your new baby

  • Dog and baby/toddler safety

  • Dog-bite prevention education

  • Trick dog demonstrations